Bogdana, a sweet girl and her mother words…

 “Bogdana collaborated with Gold Fashion Romania for a memorable shooting in August 2016. Like any mother considered her daughter a real princess but sometimes dreams become prosigns and we can do even for a moment in our lives.

What can be the best piece for a photo shoot ? Definitely  a “dress” but not a normal dress…. a dress that will make you feel beautiful, important, appealing to give you a good feeling of happiness.

Bogdana was an absolute joy to wear lovely dresses occasion with a different style crafted and hand painted.Full team spoiled her for shooting, her soul radiated of happiness and the moment was like she wanted to impose authority and loveliness but she started out in a burst of laughter.Atmosphere that hung in the air was like a beautiful story…. Children are honest and innocent,  we can see the reality  of emotion. The emotion of her heart told us her story…..a story around the world.

And if that wasn’t enough when everything was finished, she felt  free to  choose one of that fo home “

Anca Deca, Bogdana’s mother & Painting Designer


Bogdana chosen for the photo shoot our “Red Summer Dress” and “Green Arabic Dream Dress”